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Welcome to the Players Retreat
On February 27, 1951, Bernie and Mickey Hanula founded the institution known as the Players Retreat. Less of a bar and restaurant, and more of a family, the PR remains  a popular respite for the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It is a place where people from all walks of life rub elbows, share toasts, good times, and laughs. At 65 years old, very little has changed since its humble beginnings. In 1994 Pete Jarrell took over the PR and continued the tradition.  Our friends Bernie and Mickey passed away several years ago.  In their honor, our staff and our patrons strive to keep the PR the way that it has always been and as it should always be. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years, and may the PR continue for another 64 years.

                                   Thank You,
Gus Gusler, Proprietor



CHICKEN RETREATS breaded chicken strips with honey mustard                                                 $ 8.50

CHEESE FRIES smothered with cheddar and mozzarella                        $ 7.75           with Chili    $ 8.75

STUFFED JALAPENOS breaded jalapenos stuffed w/cheddar cheese and salsa                        $ 7.95

POTATO SKINS w/bacon, cheddar & mozzarella cheese & sour cream  $ 8.25          with Chili    $ 9.25

BUFFALO WINGS w/PR hot sauce & blue cheese or ranch                              Ĺ lb. $ 6.95     1 lb.   $ 11.95

DANISH BABY BACK RIBS with PR Sauce                                                 Ĺ rack $ 14.95      full   $ 20.95

PR SAMPLER   Stuffed jalapenos, Potato Skins, Chicken Retreats, Ribs & Wings                          $ 13.95

MIMIíS SAUSAGE DIP & Chips     regular  $ 7.50      large  $ 9.95

FRENCH FRIES   regular $ 2.75     large  $ 4.50         

ONION RINGS   regular $3.99      large  $ 6.75





From the Grill

Certified Black Angus Beef ground on site.   Order It RARE! *

w/ homemade chips or pasta salad

BERNIE BURGER 6oz with bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo*                       $9.29

GABBY BURGER same as Bernie but 4oz*                                                                           $7.99

CHICKEN GUS same as Bernie Burger with marinated chicken breast                                   $9.29

PETE BURGER American cheese, chili, mustard & onions*                     4oz  $7.99     6oz      $9.29

WOLFPACK BURGER slaw, mustard & chili*                                            4oz  $7.99     6oz      $9.29

MUSHROOM SWISS BURGER sautťed mushrooms & Swiss*              4oz  $7.99      6oz      $9.29 

HAWAIIAN BURGER grilled pineapple & jalapenos, Swiss, bacon*     4oz  $8.59     6oz      $9.79

BUILD YOUR OWN HAMBURGER *                                                          4oz  $6.99     6oz      $8.29

BUILD YOUR OWN CHICKEN SANDWICH                                                                                $8.29

THE BILL WALTON BURGER   vegetable burger with lettuce, tomato & mayo                       $7.99

TOPPINGS ON US:  lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard, ketchup, ranch, bbq sauce

$.50 TOPPINGS: cheese, chili, bacon, slaw, pineapple, jalapenos, mushrooms

HOT DOG      $ 2.59                                   PHILLY DOG  mustard, chili, bacon & Swiss         $ 3.25

Want a different side? You can have fries, onion rings, slaw, a small house or Caesar salad for $.99

OR mac n cheese, baked potato, mashed potato, spinach salad, wedge or chopped salad for      $1.99




Choice of our Famous CHILI, BRUNSWICK STEW or SOUP OF THE DAY Cup $4.25     Bowl $6.95

Add Grilled Cheese or Mixed Green Salad To Above     $ 4

CALL IT WHAT YOU LIKE  chili over rice or pasta, cheddar cheese & sour cream                   $ 9.95

CHOPPED SALAD   w/romaine, blue cheese, tomato, red onion, egg, bacon, croutons  & dijon vinaigrette                                      
                                                                                                                                              $ 8.95

SPINACH SALAD  with egg, cheese, bacon and PRís special dressing                                      $ 7.95

GARDEN SALAD       mixed greens, tomato onion and carrots                                     $ 5.95

CAESAR SALAD                                                                  small    $ 6.25           large   $ 8.95

ICEBERG WEDGE   bleu cheese dressing, crumbled bleu cheese, tomato & bacon   $ 7.95

PR SALAD Garden Salad with bacon & American or Swiss cheese                             $ 7.95

w/ Chicken add $ 3.50        w/ Shrimp add $ 4.50         w/Fried Oysters  add $ 6.00

HOUSE MADE CHICKEN SALAD on a bed of lettuce & tomato                                 $ 7.95

Dressings: Homemade bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard, thousand island & Italian





HAND CUT CERTIFIED BLACK ANGUS RIBEYE or FILET MIGNON                          Market Price

HAMBURGER STEAK  8 oz  or  GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST                                        $ 10.95

DANISH BABY BACK RIBS with PR Sauce                      Ĺ rack   $ 16.95    full rack    $ 23.95

Above Entrees Served with choice of potato, salad & bread 

NC PIT COOKED BBQ Plate with slaw, cornsticks, and fries                                          $ 10.50

STIR-FRIED VEGGIES over rice or pasta                                                                      $ 9.95 

w/ Chicken add $ 3.50        w/ Shrimp add $4.50

SPAGHETTI  with homemade Marinara sauce, salad & bread                                          $10.95

with meat sauce add  $ 2   with meatballs add  $ 4    with 6oz hamburger add  $ 4*

* These menu items are cooked to order.  Notice: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,  shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical issues



All sandwiches served with home fried chips or pasta salad on your choice of whole wheat, white or rye

NC PIT COOKED BBQ SANDWICH                                                                                           $ 6.95

TURKEY CLUB  bacon, lettuce tomato & mayo                                                                           $ 9.95

CHICKEN CLUB  grilled breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo                                                  $ 9.95

CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH  lettuce tomato & mayo                                                              $ 8.95

BLT with mayo                                                                                                                         $ 5.95

TURKEY SHEILA    turkey, bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato, oil & spices, on kaiser roll         $ 9.95

CLASSIC REUBEN corned beef or turkey, Swiss, sauerkraut & 1000 Island                            $ 9.95

GRILLED CHEESE    Swiss, Provolone, American or cheddar                                                    $ 4.95

PR SUB  provolone, salami, bologna, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, vinegar & PR Spices                 $ 9.95

MEATBALL SUB  our homemade meatballs w/marinara smothered in mozzarella                      $ 7.95

CHICKEN PARMESAN SUB fried chicken strips w/marinara & mozzarella                               $ 8.95


Side Items
Bacon $ 1.25
Sauteed Mushrooms $ 2.25
Cheese $ 1.25
Jalapenos $ 1.25
Cole Slaw $ 1.75
Mushroom Gravy $ 1.95
Grilled Peppers $ 1.25
Grilled Onions $ 1.25
French Bread $ 1.25
Extra Dressing $ 1.00
Pickle $ .50
Chips $ 2.50
Bleu Cheese/Bleu Cheese Butter $ 2.00
Potato Salad $ 2.25
Mashed Potatoes $ 2.25
Baked Potato $ 3.50
Mac & Cheese $ 3.50
Grilled Chicken Breast $ 4.00
Celery $ .50
Tortilla Chips and Salsa $ 4.50



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Club Soda, Tea, Milk, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade,
Arnold Palmer (Ĺ Lemonade and Ĺ Sweet Tea), Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple,
Grapefruit & Tomato Juice                                                           $2.00
Red Bull (Regular & Sugar Free)                                                  $3.50
Pellegrino Sparkling Water (500 ml bottles)                                $4.00

A Selection of Teas                                                                       $2.50

Fresh Roasted Sumatra Coffees From Cup-O-Joe (available in Regular & Decaffeinated)
Espresso $2.50      (add .75 for x2)     Cappuccino or Latte         $4.00
Coffee     $1.75                    French Press     Reg.  $3.00    Large $4.00


Kids Menu

Grilled Cheese                          $ 3.50                         

Spaghetti w/Marinara Sauce    $ 3.50
with Meat Sauce add                   $ 2.00

Hamburger                               $ 4.50*                        Cheeseburger                           $ 5.00 *

French Fries                 $ 1.50                                 Chicken Fingers                             $ 4.00

Mac & Cheese               $ 1.99                                Hot Dog                                           $ 1.99       

**One Free Kidís Meal from the Kidís Menu for every FULL PRICED Adult Meal.  Eat In Only. 
**An 18% Gratuity based on full price of all items will be added to any check including a Free Kidís Meal. 

* These menu items are cooked to order.  Notice: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shell fish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical issues



Undy Arms  Sticky Toffee Pudding          $5.95            Cheesecake              $6.95

Chocolate Volcano   $5.95                                            Key Lime Pie           $5.95          

Artesan Cheeses w/ Fig Compote   $8.95                      Bourbon Pecan Pie  $5.95

Homemade Ice Cream (Fri./Sat.)   $6.00                    Dessert of the Day   $TBD

Served with Dessert:    

A Selection of Teas   $2.50

Fresh Roaste Sumatra Coffees From Cup-O-Joe (available in Regular & Decaffeinated)
Espresso $2.50      (add .75 for x2)     Cappuccino or Latte         $4.00
Coffee     $1.75                    French Press     Reg.  3.00    Large $4.00

top  * prices subject to change.




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